My name is Emily Sears (well it’s mine now that I stole it from my husband, and no there's no relation to the chain).

I started off in 2004 selling a few items on-line, as a hobby, from the comfort of my second-hand single-wide; slowly educating myself in the ways of internet sales. What to buy and what not to buy (did I mention I was working 2 other jobs to support my “education”)? Yes, I got burned often and sometimes I should have known better, but I learned from my mistakes and grew up (a bit) along the way.

So that’s where I was; listing and shipping packages during the week and working a job on the weekends to pay the bills. Then, the Big Event came: “Congratulations, you’re having a baby, and by the way, you’re fired.”

I spent some time thinking: “So now what am I going to do?” I thought, “Crap, my hobby is really becoming more of a business anyway, so why don’t I just make it one?”

So that was how I got my start. Eventually I ran out of room and moved into a house with a space just for me; and a stockroom for inventory. I have a fantastic husband, an extremely rotten Cocker Spaniel, two fantastic girls (still haven’t figured out what causes that), and a growing business.

I get to work by walking from one end of the house to the other. I stay at home most days and work some, play some, work some more. If I get too stressed I can distract myself with whatever shenanigans the girls are into or take the dog for a run. My goal is to acquire the best most trusted brands at a great price & pass the savings to my customers. I am completely addicted to the thrill of getting fantastic deals. What I can do for you is continue to go out and trek the hills for more fantastic deals and offer them up for the taking. With 11 years of experience I promise to take care of each customer, to keep bringing you the brands you love at a price you'll love even better. I look forward to serving you again and again because let's face it: I went into consumables for a reason!