Business Policy

EJ Sears Enterprizes Inc.
Policy Regarding Product Quality and Authenticity


EJ Sears Enterprizes Inc. (“EJ Sears”) strives to provide its customers with products of the highest quality and to ensure an enjoyable and worry-free shopping experience for its customers. To that end, EJ Sears requires all of its vendors to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and only sells products that it believes to be authentic, lawfully procured, and manufactured by the company whose logo they bear. EJ Sears does not knowingly sell prohibited products, including any counterfeit products, unauthorized copies or replicas, or products that infringe upon another party’s intellectual property rights. Additionally, EJ Sears does not sell products past their expiration date or products with damaged or missing packaging. EJ Sears takes the following steps to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products that it sells:

  • EJ Sears only purchases products made by trusted brands for resale.
  • EJ Sears buys products directly from the manufacturer or from vendors vetted by EJ Sears.
  • EJ Sears vets its vendors, through discussions and/or research, prior to purchasing products from them, including requesting the vendors’ assurances that their products are authentic and legally procured.
  • If deemed necessary by EJ Sears, EJ Sears may request that its vendors provide documentation showing the authenticity of their products, their authorization to sell those products, and/or their method of procurement.
  • If deemed necessary by EJ Sears, EJ Sears may contact the manufacturer or trademark owner directly to ensure a product’s authenticity.
  • EJ Sears examines all products prior to shipment to customers to ensure that products are not past their expiration date and to ensure that all packaging is intact and/or undamaged.
  • EJ Sears only resells its products through its own website, trusted third-party websites, or directly to wholesalers.

EJ Sears stands behind the products that it sells and encourages customers who have product quality or authenticity concerns to notify EJ Sears immediately. Any customer who believes that they may have received an inauthentic, counterfeit, or damaged product from EJ Sears should contact EJ Sears at

. EJ Sears will promptly investigate concerns reported by customers and take all appropriate actions to protect its customers. After investigation by EJ Sears and at its discretion, EJ Sears may issue a full refund to its customers for such products, pursuant to EJ Sears’ return policy. All returns should be made within 30 days of purchase. Under such circumstances, EJ Sears will also remove any listings for 2 prohibited products from its website or from third-party websites as soon as possible upon discovery of the issue.


Any vendor who fails to abide by this policy, including by selling or attempting to sell prohibited products to EJ Sears, may be subject to any or all of the following consequences: the withholding of funds by EJ Sears, the return to the vendor and/or destruction of prohibited products in the possession of EJ Sears, termination of any contracts with EJ Sears, and/or termination of its business relationship with EJ Sears. EJ Sears may also take legal action against vendors who violate this policy.


Last Updated: March 26, 2020